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CT Fitness Coach is Central Connecticut’s most complete performance enhancement and fitness training facility.

We offer the most comprehensive sport performance training, strength and conditioning, and personal training in the area. The 2500 square foot facility located in Durham, CT contains everything that athletes and clients will need to reach all their goals. Whether you want to increase performance, lose body fat, or just feel better, CT Fitness Coach has a program for you!

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Full athlete assessment and movement screen which will pinpoint any weaknesses that need to be improved.

Specifically designed strength and conditioning program for athletes who want to increase strength, speed, and agility to reach peak performance no matter what sport you play.

A proven performance enhancement training program guaranteed to increase power and acceleration and make you a more explosive athlete on the field, on the court, or on the ice.

Core strengthening techniques to give you the ability to efficiently absorb and transfer forces throughout your body.

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Free complete consultation and fitness assessment.

Individualized program designed to help you reach your fitness and fat loss goals quickly and safely.

Advanced core exercises to make your core stronger and more stable.

All programs designed to help you understand doing exercises correctly in order to maximize your body’s transformation.

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Regain an optimum coordination of your body movement through a combination of flexibility, mobility, stability, and strengthening exercises.

Recondition your joints and muscles

Improve your posture

Correct muscle imbalances

Become pain free

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Learn how to eat correctly in order to maximize results from your training.

Increase your energy so you can train to be stronger and perform better.